Save The Waves (Killer Whale) - Crop Tee

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It’s all got a bit serious and due to Covid-19, our tee supplier is thinking about shutting shop, so Pure may be on pause for a while. We’re offering this storewide sale to hopefully raise enough money to get us through the next few months! If you can afford to pay full price, or a bit extra for a tee, long sleeve or hoody - we have included a PAY WHAT YOU WANT box, see above! Every little helps.

Thanks for your support!

Matt, Faye & Red Dog x


Killer Whale - Crop Tee - Pure Apparel

Save the Waves is an ocean initiative by Pure apparel in support of waves and their inhabitants everywhere. 


A carnivorous mammal, Orca’s (scientific name for Killer Whales) can live between 50-80 years, can grow to 32+ feet and weigh up to 6 tonnes. Emotional. smart and social creatures, they each pod have a wide variety of communicative and distinctive sounds, which it’s members recognise and respond to. Classified extinction status: threatened.

Original hand drawn designs, individually hand-printed in Fremantle WA, using eco-friendly and durable ink. Our 100% combed cotton crop tees are consciously sourced, lightweight, soft, breathable and pre-shrunk to ensure your gear has a long and interesting life.

By individually printing your crop tee to order, we can create zero-waste so please check the size guide below carefully.