New Web Launch

New Web Launch

The Website and The Future - 

We have been whitling away online with our old website, trying to figure out what it is our customers like the most. And from what we can gather people like the originality, the simplicity and the limited edition nature of our brand, so we intend on bringing you all that and more with the launch of this new website. 

The Winter range has been going along nicely and now with the launch of the new website its time to expand it. In the next few weeks we will release a larger range of designs, sunglasses, hats, shorts and an extensive colour range as well as a youth range.

Pure Apparel is run primarily by Matt Adams and partner Emma McDonald from a private studio in Fremantle where we currently design, print and maintain online correspondences. However, we are currently working on creating a mobile office and shop so we can take the show on the road and bring the store to you around the state and then hopefully the country. Over the summer we will also be looking to hold various events, grow our team of sponsors, and artists and take the brand and content to the next level. 

We will also be moving into surf lifestyle and ocean inspired travel prints that we will be tailoring to not only canvas and framed prints but other accessories and clothing. We hope you like it. 

Stay Tuned 
Pure Team 


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