The Bus Life Project

The Bus Life Project

We have just recently gotten back from a trip up the north west coast of Australia. This trip was used to promote the brand, shoot new and exciting locations and experience the wild, vast landscapes for our selves. We didn't only want to promote a certain lifestyle we wanted live it. So we did, for 2 months we were "on the rd" and despite some of the hardships you have to overcome, like having to work when the surfs pumping, travelling is an inspiring thing. Most of the latest range was either designed or inspired from our time up north. 

The next step from here, while we are back in Perth is to re-stock, prepare new ranges for wholesale and the up coming christmas markets then hit the rd again in December heading south then east across the Nullarbor. Once we make it to the east coast we hope to continue the good run with shop outlets and market stalls while still maintaining our online presence. 

If you want to follow our journey closer you can do so @thebuslifeproject a new page we hope to kick off in december and @_emvision_ who is the talent behind most of the images you see. Also @pureapparel_ for other updates on the brand and its where abouts. 


Stay salty, stay happy. 

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