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100% Aussie Grown Cotton
Here, at Pure, we are proud supporters of our local farmers, using 100% Australian cotton. Aussie cotton not only supports local cotton communities, but it is a true white cotton, with a yield twice as high as any other cotton in the world. It also only requires half the amount of water as other cottons and has recently seen an 85% reduction in the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Processing & Garment Making

Our carefully chosen Australian manufacturers, use a machine to ensure your garments are soft rather than using toxic chemicals such as enzyme (acid) wash, this in turn helps to protect the environment during the dyeing process. They also ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is done in-house from design, spinning yarn, weaving fabric, pattern making and construction, through to sales and logistics. And being WARP certified ensures that your tees are made with love and care in a safe working environment which values and looks after its employees.


We understand when you order your goods, you want them as quickly as possible, so do offer Express Post as standard but we will be soon be giving you the option to road-freight. Although it takes a little longer, the carbon emissions compared to air-freight are cut in half, we will also look to make this as affordable as possible for you. To make it an easier choice to do your bit.

Real Time Printing

We only make products after they have been ordered, which ensures that there is never any waste. Your unique shirt is printing at our HQ in real time.


We have done a lot of research into packaging and recently trialled a bio-degradable bag to send out our garments in, which was great for the planet but not so great for your gear. We’re still on the hunt for the most earth and user-friendly packaging. If you've got any suggestions, let us know!

Product Care

Surprisingly, one of the most carbon intensive phases of a garments life cycle is when it’s with you, the customer and it’s being put the wash, replaced, rather than looked after and then put in the bin, rather than recycled or reused. We therefore have a few tips on how to be a carbon conscious savvy consumer and how to ensure your gear has a long, interesting life. 


Hand-wash, or wash gear in cold or warm water with a mild laundry soap (non-toxic, bio-degradable types preferred. And wash less, only wash your gear when absolutely necessary. Doing this conserves water, electricity and minimises wear and tear on your garments in the process.

Hang Dry

Hang drying your clothes is the best option. Turn bright, coloured or dark items inside out to reduce fading. Hang shirt from the bottom and shorts from the waistband so the peg marks are in less conspicuous spots.


Thanks for giving a shit.
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