The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

Its especially exciting times for Pure Apparel with the launch of the latest range "Nomad Series" just around the corner. This range, in our humble opinion is one of the most thought threw and well designed collections we have done and hope there is something there for everyone. For the first week of sales the "Whale Tail" tee where $5 of every hoody, long sleeve and t-shirt purchase will go to Sea Shepard. 

Our first Wholesale Release which will hopefully be in shops around Aus this summer, is also coming along swimmingly.  All the profits from our latest release will be going towards its launch, so you know you're not only buying a shirt but helping us grow and for that we are very grateful. To show our thanks we are giving away 10 free pairs of sunglasses with the first 10 orders. Follow us on instagram @pureapparel_ for more details. 

Pure Apparel is now run solely online while travelling Australia in a mobile office bus. We promote the brand as much as possible at local markets and stores while also drawing on inspiration for designs along the way. It's much easier to be inspired when you are constantly experiencing new places, things and even cultures. I've learnt a lot on this trip. Its hard not to learn when you are travelling, you also learn about yourself and one thing I have learnt is I hate to let opportunities pass because you'll always regret it. So get out there, explore and enjoy yourself, your time is precious its the most precious thing you possess.

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