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Its especially exciting times for Pure Apparel with the launch of the latest range "Nomad Series" just around the corner. This range, in our humble opinion is one of the most thought threw and well designed collections we have done and hope there is something there for everyone. For the first week of sales the "Whale Tail" tee where $5 of every hoody, long sleeve and t-shirt purchase will go to Sea Shepard.  Our first Wholesale Release which will hopefully be in shops around Aus this summer, is also coming along swimmingly.  All the profits from our latest release will be going towards its launch,...

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We have just recently gotten back from a trip up the north west coast of Australia. This trip was used to promote the brand, shoot new and exciting locations and experience the wild, vast landscapes for our selves. We didn't only want to promote a certain lifestyle we wanted live it. So we did, for 2 months we were "on the rd" and despite some of the hardships you have to overcome, like having to work when the surfs pumping, travelling is an inspiring thing. Most of the latest range was either designed or inspired from our time up north.  The next step from here,...

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The Website and The Future -  We have been whitling away online with our old website, trying to figure out what it is our customers like the most. And from what we can gather people like the originality, the simplicity and the limited edition nature of our brand, so we intend on bringing you all that and more with the launch of this new website.  The Winter range has been going along nicely and now with the launch of the new website its time to expand it. In the next few weeks we will release a larger range of designs, sunglasses, hats, shorts...

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